Classification of Hot melt adhesive

Classification of Hot melt adhesive


Hot melt glue is a common adhesive widely used in homes, industries, and commercial areas. Hot melt adhesive can be divided into many types according to different uses and materials.

  • Classification by ingredients

1. EVA hot melt adhesive

EVA is a common synthetic resin with excellent viscosity and plasticity. EVA hot melt adhesive is suitable for bonding various materials, such as paper, cloth, wood, plastic, etc.

2. PO hot melt adhesive

PO is a polymer compound with excellent water resistance and chemical resistance. PO hot melt adhesive is suitable for various occasions requiring high strength bonding and waterproof performance.

3. PUR hot melt adhesive

PUR is a high-strength, highly weather-resistant adhesive with excellent tensile strength and temperature resistance. PUR hot melt adhesive is suitable for various occasions that require high-strength bonding and weather resistance, such as automobiles, aviation, construction and other fields.

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