The impact of Resin on Ink(Ⅱ)

The impact of Resin on Ink(Ⅱ)


3. Anti-sticking property

Anti-sticking is an important index of printing ink. Its quality not only related to the thoroughness of solvent evaporation in the printing process, but also directly related to the film-forming and resin molecular properties of the used resin connecting material.

Good film-forming resin connecting material can give the ink good dryness. After the solvent evaporates and dries, the film formation is thorough, and the anti-sticking properties after winding are excellent.

4. Composite solubility

Ink composite solubility is also a key indicator of ink performance. In color ink printing, according to the different requirements of the color tone, using different depths of ink holes in the printing forme so that the amount of ink transferred to the surface of the substrate can be different.

The ink with poor composite solubility, the residual ink is not easy to be re-solubilized by the ink in the ink fountain, which will eventually cause spanishing accidents. As for the ink with too good composite solubility, in the overprinting process, the printed ink will be easily dissolved by the ink solvent in the printing forme, resulting in the problem of ink color crosstalk problems.

5. Storage stability

Printing ink is a thin and small viscosity fluid, in the process of long-term storage is prone to precipitation problems.

These problems will affect the performance of the ink. Even if the ink is shaken well, this state of the ink creates a bad impression to the customer and increases the burden on the workers.

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