Aromatic Resin ES 150S
  • Aromatic Resin ES 150S

Aromatic Resin ES 150S

Brand ESUN®

Product origin China

Delivery time 25-30 days

Esun® ES 150S is a light color modified aromatic resin obtained from resin feedstock.

Aromatic Resin ES 150S


C9 ES-150S could be used as the tackifier for EVA based hot melt adhesive (HMA) due to its low wax cloud point, low VOC and Naphthalene. Also it could be used in other kind of HMA or pressure sensitive adhesive. 

Excellent compatibility with different polymers and resins.


Hot melt adhesive

Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive

Contact adhesive

Priting ink/Coating


ItemTest MethodUnitTypical Value
Color (50% resin solid in Toluene)ASTM D 1544(Ga. #)6 Max
Softening PointASTM E 28(℃)142-150
Acid ValueASTM D 974(KOH mg/g)0.2 Max
Ash ContentASTM D 1063(%)0.1 Max

c9 resin

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